Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is There Anything Worse Than Putting On a New Fly Line?

So I haven't blogged on Fly Fishing in a while. I have been out, not much and nothing worth relaying.

I am aiming at my trip to New Brunswick.

So I am putting a new line on a new reel (to go with a new to me rod).

First problem is the backing. Apparently a Cabelas RLS #4 needs 250ft of backing! So I look at the online picture to see how far the backing fill the arbor. Many minutes later I think I am done so I move on to the fly line.

Now the Nail Knot is hard to tie and the tube knot a little easier but they are rarely tied so it took me a few trys just to get it close and a few more to get it right. I carefully start to reel on the new line when it falls on the floor and creates an instant birds nest!

So I untangle the mess, straighten the line multiple times and again reel up the line only to find I didn't put on enough backing!

Off comes the line, blood knot on the tag from the backing spool and re-guess-timate the amount of backing needed. Less grief (from practice) putting on the line with a nail knot, reel up the line and still not enough backing but enough to do the job.

Snake on the loop end. Now I know a lot of you are not fans of these things but I back mine up with a (you guessed it) nail knot! and then the heat shrink.

Of course then I look up rods need for the province and realize that the 10wt might be overkill.

So I am off to Cabelas to buy my 3rd 4wt

Till next til