Friday, August 20, 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

Took the new boat out

Ok so 1st off I should mention the new boat...

A birthday present from my family in honour of living to be 50. Tis a fine vessel and while you can really motor with the oars she moves nicely  just using the kick flippers. Way more storage space then any of the past flaot tube U boats have had but obviously not carrying the 75lb boat into any back country lakes.
Being very busy with music both live performance and music lessons has made getting fishing very hard. This month alone I have taught 200 lessons and played 7 gigs. This weekend I played Thursday Friday Saturday night all with different people and different places and taught 26 lessons. So the few fish I caught were very valuable to my fishing soul. So Enjoy them as I have

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Mother's Passing

As I wrote on my music blog my Mom recently passed away. Her influence on my fishing life is pretty much the same sort of deal.

When she was young her family had a cotttage . They fished it regularly for musky bass and walleye. No one was a fly fisher, no one taught me to fish but pictures of their past (before my maternal grandmother nagged everyone out their outdoor pursuits) haunted me.

 There were not that many pictures but still they intrigued me as it was a life (cottage, fishing, relaxed etc.) that I never got to experience. But nonetheless I took these pictures as evidence that I had some sort of fishing tradition.

So I grabbed canadian tire money and bought rods, reels lures and taught myself to fish. In the days before the internet I was winging it in the wild west on everything from knots to casting.

My brother did help at some point but I was hooked.

In the 80's My Mom got into fishing for the migrating salmon in the Credit River and she even let me stay home from school one day when the run was at it's peek.

So Now I am this fly fisherman passing the traditon of fishing and fly fishing with my wife on to our son and (to a lesser extent) my daughter.

In this age of digital imagery my kids and their kids will have plenty of pictures of the ones that didn't get away. to look over.

Till next time

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lyons Lake Manitoba

Experimenting with a vid rig to allow me to record myself from the tube.

The fishing wasn't great but the experiment was a win win.

Manitoba Fly Fishing Guides

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fairford River Freeze Off

Manitoba is covered by 6 months of winter most years. Spring is this ethereal thing that looks and feels more like well more winter. Nonetheless afew of us hardy souls head out to the only open water in the province...the Fairford River!

The water is clear, clean and wade-able. So why don't I fish it more ofte? Because it is 2-3 hours of the most boring and somewhat dangerous driving in the province.

We hit it the last Sunday in March which coincides with the end of the regular fishing season, Spring Break and the warmest part of the late winter.

In years Past it looked like this...
The target (once we get illusions of pike drum and walleye out of our heads) is Cisco (known locally as Tulibee)

This year it was considerably warmer with plus temps all day and the fish a little bigger.

I shot a vid for this so you can see by the clothing we are alittle more comfortable;

Manitoba Fly Fishing Guide