Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Winter tying 2013-14

So after not Tying for a long period of time I have decided to fill up the boxes again.

1st off my favorite small fly for both streams and lakes and my go to new trout water searching pattern.

Not being one to make up selfish names it is  just a PTN with a bead head tied on a scud hook.

Second is an easy tie using Micheal's fake Mohair I call a Fo Mo Leach

Just tie in at the bend, palmer forward and brush out with the'hook' side of some Velcro.

Last is a bunch of my favorite pike flies the original tied high EP's

I recharged my bead body flies that you all saw a post or so ago but here is a new eye catcher.

Next up ...bombers. Not that we have salmon here but I have found them to be one of the best smallmouth flies ever.

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  1. Usually my first outing with the fly rod is after pre spawn crappies and your PTN will be a crappie killer.


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