Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tokaryk and Patterson Lakes

I have lumped these two lakes together as they are similar in topography and species

Both have stocked Rainbows and Browns
Both are pot hole lakes with not much in the way of structure
Both are just east of the town of Rossburn making them 3½ hours away from Winnipeg by car
Patterson has a bait and gas motor ban while Tokaryk only has a ban on live minnows.

Because of the nature of the fish stocked (most notably the rainbow steelhead crosses) these fish grow big. You can easily catch a 20" rainbow and the browns can get as big as well.
Not much in the way of shore access so you need a water craft of some sort.

There is a campsite of sorts on Patterson but there is not much in the area for non fishing members of your family if you are planning to base a vacation around these lakes or this area of the world. I think you'd be better off camping in near by Riding Mountain National Park leaving the family with some things to do while you go fishing.


  1. Wow Nice Brownie, what Fly do you use ?
    I´m very interested in fihsing in Canada

  2. That particular fish is not mine but I used it as it is a great shot (and it is from Patterson)
    You can see and learn a bunch more at http://flyfishingmanitoba.com or https://www.facebook.com/flyfishingmanitoba


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