Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A little fishing report

Last year at this time I was moving from hospital bed to heal at home. It was a beautiful hot fall but I was sitting inside freezing (as my body had not reset after surgery yet) elevating and icing my arm while sitting on my butt watching endless hours of Netflix.

While most of my thoughts were about getting back to playing my instruments and regular life in general. I did dream of the day I could fly fish again. I didn't dream of big Manitoba Pike or Parkland monster trout...I dreamed of gently bobbing on Lyon's lake catching respectable but not giant trout.

It is an easy drive and an easy launch for most watercraft and if you are willing the scenery at the south end of the lake is very pretty and relaxing to behold!
When this season started I did manage to get to Fairford and a few other spots that I could wade but I really needed for my right arm and hand to get back a decent amount of its strength before I could even get my pontoon boat put together let alone loaded in and out of my truck!
Taking the Truck boat and trailer camping last year.

So it was Sunday September18th.
The day was cooler than predicted and fishing wasn't fast, though lots of hits and LDR's, but of course for me what matter most was actually having the strength to tote my boat to and from the lake as well as pump it up.

So here is the first and best fish to hand that day (there was a no show LDR that really had some strength to its tug!) and pics of the day.
No I don't tend to measure fish

South East 'corner' of Lyon's Lake

Looking South East Lyon's Lake


  1. Decent fish...but that lake looks really amazing!

  2. We have many lakes like this, easy drives and low pressure

  3. Here is a vid from last year the fish are even smaller but you see more of the lake


  4. Very nice blog. Good job! I'm just starting to follow it! It was a beautiful post..

  5. I guess this trip was a wonderful experience for you.I like it Thanks for this blog...


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