Tuesday, October 4, 2011

That's What Fall is For

Many of us outdoor types pine away for spring during winter. As fishers we pine through early spring till things warm up and 'get good' later spring and early summer. Then we all lament when it is too hot to fish or morally drag fish up from the deep and wait for fall.

Fall is a magical time for no other reason than we know know most fish get more active. Sunday the 2nd of October was such a day for me.

Hunt Lake is one of many Manitoba lakes that are a. stocked with trout and b. an easy launch. It is also one of the few trout lakes under 2 hours from the city. Like Lyons Lake from my last report it is a beautiful shield lake with rocks and tree and trees and rocks (as well as cliffs and creeks and wildlife coming to the shore). Unlike Lyons, Hunt has a few small cottages on it (Lucky Ducks!) but it seems none of them fish. It is one of many lakes that does not allow power boats which is nice for those of us seeking quiet fishing without unscheduled surfing trips in our floats tubes and pontoons.

The water was 14-12° C and the air got to 20° I'd say perfect. The fish seemed to be in one small area of a predictable part of the lake. The predictable part was the western end of the lake (due to the easterly wind) but it was only one bay and only the shady part that seem to hold active fish. The winning setup was an un-named panfish fly (pictured) that, because of the foam always floats, on a medium length leader with a sink tip. the fly stays suspended above the sink tip and 'swims' down on retrieves. Very similar to a common water boatman setup.
Yellow Foam over Hare's Ear Dry
The fish stocked in the lake are brook trout and as they are fall spawners they were in fine form.
Fall Brook Falls to a Sunfish Fly

Although they were all about 10-12" this is a great improvement over previous years where over stocking led to stunted fish.

Even the perch got bigger.

As I forgot a net you'll just have to believe me when I say I caught about 30 in and afternoon of fishing.

Without the net very few of the fish came to stay long enough to get their picture taken. Anyone who has fished Brookies knows they are experts at wriggling, flipping and squirming off hooks and out of hands. (Kinda makes up for their eagerness to hit anything as long as they aren't spooked)

So here are the balance of the pictures and if you have a stream, beaver pond of lake near you take your light gear out there and have some fall fun!

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  1. I can't wait for winter and ice fishing. LOL
    Those are some serious brookies!

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  3. Awesome looking poppers,Nice work If fishing is like religion, then fly-fishing is high church

  4. Great Photo Those fish have some beautiful markings on them Nicely done.


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