Sunday, August 3, 2014

East Coast 2014 part 3

Phew, just trying to catch up on posts.

Day 13:
So today we decided to bike the Confederation Trail. A series of abandoned rail lines. The section we chose is from St Peters to Morrell. With a 13 year old, 2 photographers, along the most scenic section and on a hot day...this did not bode well for going the distance.

 This was our last night at the Montague B&B so we were on our way to one in Cavendish. I over shot it and saw this view.'

We ate at the PEI Preserve Company and it was Simply Amazing.
Aspect messed un-correctable phone pic

After a nice meal we worked it out by Fishing the Hunter River right in the Town of Hunter River. The section is a place I fished last year and on one side is a 200 year old church and grave yard but on the other an Irving gas station. No big fish but there tends to be many smaller ones...just not this time because I had the video going.

Gets Fish on first cast

And Then Some Video:

Day 14: Had us Visiting PEI Provincial Park (Cavendish and Brackley). Being on the Atlantic side the water was much colder but not beyond getting used to. Hardly anyone there so we basically had it to our selves.

The next stop was The Dunes. It is a restaurant in the park that also has an imported gift area and formal gardens.

The formal Gardens are a nice place to take pics while the wife browses.

That night we fished the Hunter River but near New Glasgow

 I got 1 rainbow and a few Brookies but all we could think about was to shoot the falls with our cameras.

Day 15: Had us basically eating breakfast going back to the same river and trying to shoot the rapids and falls. Too much light but the time we got there and the wind moving the bushes with the slow shutter speed, so the offerings suffered

Went into Charlottetown for the heck of it. 

That night I fished the Oromocto again and in the 6 days we'd been on PEI the water had risen quite a bit and scattered the fish did get one jumper though.

Day 16:
Took it easy and and then fished the Rusagonis after dinner.

Got another small Atlantic. I am getting better at the belt mounted camera though.

Day 17: Not much of a Day just scoping out some fishing spots, tea with friends and, oh yeah, bottle feeding fuzzy wuzzy kittens.

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