Saturday, August 9, 2014

East Coast 2014 Part 4

Today we were supposed to do 2 days camping in a tree house along the Black River in the Miramichi River area but my wife wasn't feeling well and it was raining, with rain in the forecast so we bailed. The rain also gives me a chance to get caught up on posts!

Day 18:

We started out for Fundy National park but our son (who has felt the vacation has had too much fishing/photography) got it in his head he wanted to see the tidal wave at Tidal Bore Park. As you may or may not know, the Bay of Fundy is home to the largest tides in the world. The Peticodiac River is a place where the tide comes in the form of a wave. With 25'+ tides (and a bit of exaggerating from the tourist guide) we headed to Moncton.

Well it is kinda cool but if you are thinking about doing it, don't base your day around it.
Before Tide Wave

After Tide Wave

Tide Wave with Surfer
So ya, a little underwhelming.

Later I headed up to the Tay river. A beautiful place where I had to choose hard between casting and I did both.
4wt against Church

New Bridge

Trout Streams and Old Churches

Those that go before

Stone Fly Husk

I've fished better looking places, but not many 

Wild Brook Trout

Days is Done, Gone the Sun
Day 19:
Not much that day Took my wife back to the Tay and got skunked. But met a young fella.

Same Church and Stream but with Adelle working it.
Day 20:
Adelle wanted to go help some friends so I took the boy out scouting rivers.

That night, the 3 of us fished the Oromocto again and all did well. What made it special is my 13 year old caught his first bass on the fly and on my 1950's era Cane rod and Medalist reel (got em used I ain't that old!)
Adelle's First Fish of the Night

My First of the Night

Another One later on
Adelle's Best Fish of the Night
Trying to Film and Land a Fish

Bringing it in on the old Bamboo

His First Bass
A small smallie
Goofing at "Product" shooting

Day 21:
Drove out to Glenwood Flats near St.John to stay over at a friends.

2 Leafs Fans who live very far from Toronto

Weird Selfie

Day 22:
Woke up and started the day shooting the same scenes with the fog.

Not much else that day except a scenic drive.

Day 23:
Another 'vacation within the vacation' day. Not much except for evening fly rodding for bass.

It was a great night over all. In around 2 hours I hooked and released 12 fish. The 3 pictures represent the best of the bunch brought to hand (a couple of LDR's were good with one that "felt" huge).
But shows ta go ya how persnickety fishing can be. Because the next time was quite different.

Day 24:
Did nothing worth taking a picture of (workout, laundry, blah)

Day 25:
Went to the Chocolate Museum in St Stephens. The Ganong Chocolate Factory to be specific. The deal is you pay for the museum, learn about the history of chocolate and the Ganong Family and along the way you can eat as much fresh chocolate and candy as you can manage.

Double Dipped Cherry

Chocolate Fountain
Help Yourself sorry they are so fresh

Then, rather than get fat on candy I took pictures.

After 2 hours of that we went down to the St Croix River at low tide.

Over There is Maine

Then Some Pictures around town.
Why thank you for naming a street after me in chocolate town. 

That night I took my wife for the a repeat of the awe some bass fishing from 2 nights ago.

But of Course it is fishing so there was little or no action.  But when the sky looks like this...

 ...doesn't bode well for bass fishing.

I did get one and at least it was decent.
But pretty all the same.
One more week to go...sigh.

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